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Hair Removal Laser To reveal a glowing and smooth skin as you wish

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.

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Hair Removal Laser To reveal a glowing and smooth skin as you wish

Hair Removal Laser, an effective laser treatment to permanently remove hairs and reveal a glowing and smooth skin


The matter of hairs is a worrying problem for many, especially for women who want to wear clothing that flaunts their beautiful complexion, but feel insecure because of the constantly concerned hair problem. Hairs can grow all over the body; some have much, some little, varying according to the hormone level and genetic background. We all have hairs since our birth; if we want them permanently removed, we have to know the right way to do so. Otherwise, a wrong way of removing hairs may cause problems such as more enlarged pores, rough hair growth and unsightly bumps commonly referred to as chicken skin, which make women lose confidence in themselves. An effective hair removal will provide us with a smooth skin without any annoying hairs; one is the Hair Removal Laser method. 



Hair Removal Laser



Reveal your beautiful skin with Hair Removal Laser


Many are bothered by the problem of undesired hairs, whether they are beard in men, hairs under the armpits or in hidden/intimate areas for women, including those having excess arm and leg hairs which are seen by many as a mess and may bring about the problem of annoying ingrown hairs. Consequently, many choose a permanent hair removal method to regain their confidence. Nowadays, a variety of hair removal methods performed with a laser machine is at your choice, but the most successful method is the ND YAG LASER technique as it is the only hair removal laser that operates all the way down to the hair papilla.








There are many ways of removing hairs from the undesired parts of the body, but the most effective and popular way, considered to provide a permanent result, is the use of hair removal laser. The laser used is capable of destroying the hair papilla, preventing new hair growth. As a result, the laser-treated area becomes softer and smoother.



Understand hairs better before permanent hair removal


Our hairs also have their lifespan. There are 3 life cycles of hairs, which are repeated as an old hair falls out and a new hair begins to grow. These 3 cycles are divided into the growth phase, the involution phase and the resting phase, to be explained as follows:






1.Anagen Phase: this is the phase of mature or fully grown hair, considered as a phase where a hair is complete. Hairs on our body in the growth phase are 80% of all hairs. Normally, each hair has an average life of about 3 years. In this Anagen Phase, hairs are nourished with blood, having a root that is ready to produce a new hair along with melanin that provides an obvious color and a bulbous form to the hair.



2.Catagen Phase:this phase is when hairs stop growing or reach the atrophy phase as they are ready to fall out. This stage from the ceased growth to the readiness to fall out takes approximately 2 weeks. At this Catagen Phase, once a hair is completely mature, it begins to fade out and the hair follicle rises to the surface.



3.Telogen Phase: this is the phase when hairs fall out of the follicle, taking approximately 1-3 months as based on the hair density of each individual.



In any cases, the hair cycles vary to each individual due to the genetic background, race, age as well as hormones, which are all important to the characteristic of hair as the aforementioned factors affect on the hair color and its thickness or fineness. Apart from the hair cycles, what the girls who are fond of hair removal should know is the characteristic of hair layers in order to correctly eliminate hairs. The hair layers are classed into the 3 following types:


1.Outer Cuticle: it is the outermost layer of the hair, which is composed of flat hair cells overlapping to about 5-10 lavels. This layer consists of keratins, which function to strengthen the hair shaft; and it is considered as a layer protecting against dirt and pollutions that would damage our hairs.



2.Hair Cortex: this layer is considered most important. It is composed of long and flat hair cells of many levels with thickness and an approximate weight of 90% of all hair fibers. The flexibility of hairs is dependent on the protein fibers in the hair cortex. Most importantly, for permanent hair removal, it is that in this layer, there is also melanin that is produced from the melanocyte, which results in the fact that this layer of hair influences the hair color. We can see the different natural hair color of each individual owing to this layer.



3.Hair Medulla: this layer is the core of hair, which is less significant than the other two above.



From the hair cycles and layer characteristics as above-mentioned, we can see more clearly an overview of the hair removal laser procedure. In this respect, the laser machine to be chosen must be of apt wavelength in order for the laser beam to get into the hair root layer and effectively destroy melanin. As the hair removal laser is able to operate with an obvious result during the Anagen phase where hairs are growing, the laser device will transmit the laser energy to the hair root area. At the point, the hair papilla and melanin will be damaged, resulting in a thinner and softer hair with a lighter color. After that, the hair will grow less until it eventually disappears. However, after the first hair removal, an interval of 3-4 weeks or a month should be taken for the hair that has been initially destroyed to grow back. When the procedure continues monthly for more than 3 times, hairs in certain spot may no longer grow back, which may occur in some part such as for leg hairs. Beards in men may take a longer period to be eliminated than other parts as their characteristic differs.



How does the Hair Removal Laser remove hairs?


The Hair Removal Laser functions to eliminate hairs by transmitting its beam and heat energy to the hair shaft and the completely grown hair will be destroyed as the laser beam will destroy melanin and the heart from it will damage the hair root and cease its growth, followed by its spontaneous atrophy. Such laser beam will only destroy the hair root with no effect on other adjacent cells.



Hair Removal Laser



Regain your confidence; prepare yourself well before receiving the Hair Removal Laser treatment.






For the utmost effective result of hair removal laser, you girls should prepare your skin prior to the treatment by avoiding plucking or waxing hairs on the area to remove them for about a month because plucking or waxing hairs also removes the hair root or stub, which will prevent the laser from being able to effectively destroy the hair and melanin.



Process for Hair Removal Laser


Prior to each hair removal laser service, the staff will operate the following process:


1.Wiping or cleaning the area to be treated with the hair removal laser as on some parts the client may have applied certain kind of cream or medication, which can possibly effect upon the full potential of the procedure.



2.Trimming or shaving off the hairs in order to facilitate the transmission of laser beam and heat energy to take effect on the hair follicles.



Hair Removal Laser is not as scary as you might think!


After cleaning the serviced area and trimming or shaving the hairs, the specialist will apply cold from the Cooling Contact to the skin to cool it down. Once the skin is cooled down to an appropriate degree, the specialist will begin to activate the hair removal laser. During this process, low recoil pressure will be felt on the skin together with warmth on the lasered area, but you girls do not have to worry because the specialist will also apply the cold breeze from the Cooling Contact in alternation with the laser shoot consistently for the skin comfort.



Post-treatment Self Care


1.Refrain from plucking or waxing hairs for a period of 5-8 months.



2.Refrain from using any cream or roll-on on the area that has been treated with the hair removal laser for the first 1-2 days to prevent a clog and ingrown hair on the skin as well as skin irritation due to the damage done to the skin surface by the laser energy.        



How many times is the treatment to be done to see the result?


For an effective hair removal result, the treatment should be continually performed for about 5-8 times, however depending on the treated area and the hair characteristic of each person as individual hair shaft varies whether in color, thickness or volume on the serviced area. All the aforementioned factors have an impact on the hair removal period. However, for some people and in some areas, the treatment can only be done 3-4 times for the hairs to be completely eliminated and never grow back up.



Hair Removal Laser: not just good for hair removal


Not only does the Hair Removal Laser destroy hairs at their root, but it can also render the skin smooth with no trace of chicken skin, as well as reduce the smell and sweat in certain parts such as armpits or intimate areas because hairs are where various bacteria are gathered. That is why after the Hair Removal Laser treatment and complete elimination of hairs, any undesired smell is also gone.



Advantages of the Hair Removal Laser


1.The Hair Removal Laser treatment is convenient and safe.


2.The Hair Removal Laser helps smoothen the skin, being rid of unsightly bumps as chicken skin.


3.The Hair Removal Laser helps reduce smell and bacterial accumulation in the treated area.


4.The Hair Removal Laser helps tighten and minimize skin pores.



Clearing all the doubtful questions about the Hair Removal Laser


Q: Does the Hair Removal Laser procedure cause any pain?


A: The Hair Removal Laser procedure at Sinota Clinic is performed using a special formula of local anesthetic that prevents the serviced person from any pain; only low recoil pressure along with warmth will be sensed over the lasered area.



Q: Why is a Cooling Contact device or cooling gel applied to the Hair Removal Laser?


A: To remove hairs with the laser treatment, it operates with the laser beam and heat energy to destroy hair root cells. When the heat energy accumulates up to a level, a slight painful feeling may be felt; but with Sinota Clinic’s specially formulated anesthetic in combination with the cold applied by the Cooling Contact device, the serviced person will feel at ease and suffer no pain.



Q: After the Hair Removal Laser done, will there be any chance of hair growing back?


A: 85% of the customers who have done the Hair Removal Laser at Sinota Clinic, after the 3rd to 4th time, will promptly sense that the hair shaft becomes thinner and it grows in an obviously slow rate. After the 5th time, hairs will grow back very slowly; that is why a longer period of interval is needed for the next session. Once the 7 courses are completed, hairs will disappear for 2-3 years; there are only a few with very light hairs growing back slightly.



Q: What will be felt after the Hair Removal Laser done, will there be any burning pain or redness?


A: The skin at the laser-treated area may experience some burning pain for those with sensitive skin. In some, the skin may become pinkish but this will gradually disappear in about 15 minutes after the service, which is a normal condition for the Hair Removal Laser treatment.



Q: How to take care of the laser-treated skin?


A: After the Hair Removal Laser treatment, no special care is required, but the use of roll-on or any antiperspirant cream should be avoided, including vitamin-A acid or AHA products. Also, exposure to sunlight over the treated area should be refrained from.


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