Pink lip laser promotion, discount more than 60%

**Results depend on each individual's skin condition**

People with dark lips are happy. Pink lip laser promotion, discount more than 60%

Good promotions For people with dark lips and dark lips, Sinota Clinic joins with LINE@ Thailand to offer special privileges to LINE customers in the campaign "Pay Day, reduce fun, beautiful face, perfect pay edition"

Hurry and come be beautiful and pay. Just add customers and add friends to Line @SINOTA to get the right to have pink lip laser surgery. Complete with a lip mask at a special price of only 1,200 baht, very worth it because this promotion is a discount of more than 60%, beautiful girl with a perfect face, Paying Edition.

Who wants to have beautiful, kissable lips? change dark lips Make your lips beautiful pink. Reduce dark circles Makes the lips pink. Add Line to receive rights.

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Or type in the friend search box @Sinota. Must include @ in front.

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Promotion details

  • Trial price 1,200 baht from normal 3,500 baht
  • Course price 3 times get 1 time free = 4 times 3,600 baht from 14,000 baht (average 900 baht per session)
  • Course price: 5 times, get 2 times free = 7 times, 6,000 baht from 24,500 (average 857 baht per session)

Conditions for using rights

  • This price is a promotional price for Line@ friends only.
  • Please make a reservation at least 3 business days in advance at 063-426-2639.
  • You can buy it for another person.
  • No limit on the number of purchases
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash change.
  • Conditions are as specified by the clinic only.

period From 25 September 2018 – 31 December 2018

Considering the significance of addressing skin issues and enhancing overall beauty, consulting with Sinota Clinic is a wise step towards elevating your unique beauty identity, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression.

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