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ร้อยไหมหน้าเรียวด้วย Super Lock Thread Lift

Lock your beauty with Super Lock Thread lift

Super Lock Thread Lift is a thread lift principle according to Sinota Clinic’s pattern, as done by specialists, wh...

Twin Laser เหนือกว่าการกำจัดขนแบบเดิม

Twin Laser beyond all old-styled hair removals

Because Sinota Clinic understands every woman who needs confidence in showing off their embrace, hairless armpits would ...

คีเลชั่นบำบัดกำจัดสารพิษในร่างกาย (Chelation)

Chelation Therapy Detoxing and maintaining health

Chelation Therapy, detoxing and decreasing the risk of diseases. In the time when everyone is facing a variety of pollut...

ลดเลือนริ้วรอยด้วยไฮยาลูโรนิคเอซิด (Hyaluronic Acid)

Perfect your beauty with Hyaluronic Acid

As the nature of skin changes with the passing of time, the V-shape face will become flabby and turn into U-shape. Hyalu...


Hair Removal Laser To reveal a glowing and smooth skin as you wish

Hair Removal Laser, an effective laser treatment to permanently remove hairs and reveal a glowing and smooth skin The ma...


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