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Reduce cellulite and excess fat with Thermo Beam
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Reduce cellulite and excess fat with Thermo Beam

Reduce cellulite and excess fat, regain your confidence with Thermo Beam



Thermo Beam

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Cellulite or known as orange-peel skin is a problem that decrease everyone’s confidence, especially women who want to flaunt their skin and shape, but unable to do so because the skin on that area turns to be rough. No matter how in shape you are, you can lose confidence still. Many think that cellulite is caused by fatness, making them try to lose weight and eat less although they are not fat at all, without knowing that cellulite can happen to all, including postnatal mothers. The main cause of cellulite is owing to the way of eating, whether much or little, but if you are one of those who like to eat fried and fatty stuff, sweet drink, soda pop, and sweets with high quantity of fat which cannot be burned out completely by the body, your body will turn it into accumulated fat in the form of both High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) and Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL). So, if you do not change the way of living, keeping partying, eating whatever you want, doing no exercises, cellulite will increase and it will be hard to eliminate it. No matter how skinny you are, cellulite will follow and destroy your confidence if you remain unchanged.



Thermo Beam
Thermo Beam



Knowing cellulite more


Cellulite is a solid and big mass of fat cells, compacted underneath the skin. If that area of skin is packed with much cellulite, the skin will become ragged and unsmooth, so that many simply call it “an orange-peel skin” coincidently because of the similarity to the orange peel.



ลดเซลลูไลท์ลดไขมันส่วนเกินด้วย Thermo Beam

คุณไม้ วฤษฎิ์ ศิริสันธนะ (Thermo Beam) **Results vary according to individual skin condition.


ลดเซลลูไลท์ลดไขมันส่วนเกินด้วย Thermo Beam กับ คุณไม้ วฤษฎิ์ ศิริสันธนะ**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



The cellulite skin can occur to all genders, male or female, whether fat or thin, because cellulite is excess fat; if you do not take care of yourself well enough, it can happen to you. However, mostly the cellulite problem is found in women more than in men; in particular, women of over 30 years old are more likely to have it because their body has long accumulated fat. Besides, behaviors of women over 30+ are mostly to sit at work for a long time, not to like exercises, and to eat all the time, which is a cause of cellulite accumulation in different parts of the body such as forearms, belly, thighs, and hip.



คุณโม วรรณศิริ คะสะธรรม (Thermo Beam)

คุณโม วรรณศิริ คะสะธรรม (Thermo Beam) **Results vary according to individual skin condition.


ลดปัญหาไขมันสะสมบริเวณต้นขาด้วย Thermo Beam กับ คุณโม วรรณศิริ คะสะธรรม**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Understanding that cellulite is not hard to be rid of!


As it is said earlier, cellulite can happen to anyone. Bu why does it mostly happen to women? It is because the female body and skin characteristic are more subtle than men, resulting in cellulite being seen more obviously. However, the actual cause of cellulite is mainly due to eating behavior. As women in general like to eat small snacks and sweets, cellulite can easily occur to them; much or little depending on individual problems and metabolism. Cellulite can be divided into the 4 levels as follows:



Thermo Beam

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Level-0 Cellulite


This level of cellulite cannot be seen with naked eyes. Also, standing up or lying down cannot tell how much the disorder is, but when squeezing or pressing it with your hand, only a trace of dimpled skin can be seen, but not a corrugation-like.



Level-1 Cellulite


With this level of cellulite, the skin remains ordinary, but when standing up or lying down, it can be noticed that the skin slightly resembles an orange peel. When squeezing or pressing it with your fingers, small fat will be seen on that area, with a corrugated look.



Reduce cellulite and excess fat with Thermo Beam



Level-2 Cellulite


At this level, a big dimpled skin will be seen when standing up, but it may not be seen when lying down. Grabbing or fondling it with your hand, a small mass of fat will be seen.



Level-3 Cellulite


Cellulite at its clearest! Whether standing up or lying down, the skin is seen with a big dimpled trace similar to a corrugation. When grabbing or fondling it with your hand, a small mass of fat will be found. If you check it, each part of your body will have cellulite at different levels. Whatever level it is, it can be eliminated with Thermo Beam, a latest innovation invented and developed to specifically solve the problem of cellulite, help reduce fat, tighten the shape, decrease flabby skin as well as other lines. Everyone can have confidence in their body back again.



Thermo Beam to reduce cellulite and get all shapes smooth and tight as never before


Thermo Beam is an innovation to reduce the size of cellulite as well as tighten up the shape. You will be rid of cellulite and fat all over your body, whether it is on your face, neck, upper arms, forearms, abdomen, and thighs. You can say goodbye to excess fat that destroys your confidence. The working principle of Thermo Beam is to use heat in the form of radio frequency to minimize cellulite or fat mass by constantly spreading the heat into the skin area where to reduce cellulite. The heat from Thermo Beam, apart from minimizing cellulite, also helps to activate collagen and fibroblast production, as well as to stimulate blood flow. It results in smaller cellulite, smoother and tighter skin, and lighter wrinkles. It also resolves the problem of stretch marks on the skin.     



Unique property of Thermo Beam


1.It can actually minimize cellulite.


Cellulite, an excess fat mass that destroys everyone’s confidence, can be easily eliminated by Thermo Beam, especially the obvious part of cellulite such as on the thighs and hip. You will be able to wear whatever you choose and flaunt your beautiful legs with no worry.






2.It obviously helps tighten up your shape.


For flabby skin due to instant weight loss, postpartum belly, as well as effects from liposuction or lipolysis, or any part of loose skin, Thermo Beam is able to restore the skin all over the body to be firm and ample as desired.






3.It can directly solve the problem of aging wrinkles.


Aging wrinkles that increase as you age is due to the fact that the body loses collagen and fibroblast as time goes by. The Thermo Beam technology can minimize this problem through an activation of skin collagen and fibroblast production. Collagen and fibroblast will be rearranged in the skin; thus, wrinkles are reduced.



4.The skin becomes more firm than before.


With the transmission of heat or radio frequency from Thermo Beam, the treated skin will become more firm, restoring the flabby skin to be tight again.



Do not let cellulite return to destroy your confidence again.


If you do not change your behavior in eating, cellulite will always come back to bother you. To end all problems with Thermo Beam, prior to eliminating cellulite, you must be prepared and ready. Although the method is simple, to get the most effective result, you should not receive the Thermo Beam treatment on your abdomen during your period; it should also be done at least 1 hour after a meal in order to prevent any problem during the service, which disables you to consistently reduce cellulite. After the Thermo Beam treatment, you should drink much water because the body needs to eliminate such waste or cellulite fat out from it. No worry, however, because after the cellulite minimization, everyone can continue their life normally. There may be a slightly stiff feeling on the treated area, depending on the readiness of individual body as well.



Frequency of Thermo Beam


For those with the problem of high volume of cellulite, which is easily noticed from obvious orange-peel skin despite not squeezing or pressing it, it may take a little longer time to minimize such cellulite because if you want an obvious result, it will require at least 5-8 times of treatment or perhaps more. This depends on the problem condition and cellulite volume of each person in different parts of the body. In case of instant cellulite minimization, at the first stage, you should receive the service regularly every 3 days or minimally once a week continuously to get the best result and reduce the cellulite size until it is completely gone.



Minimize cellulite in all areas by Thermo Beam


With this up-to-date innovation of Thermo Beam, cellulite can be minimized in all parts as desired, be it upper arms, thighs, abdomen, waist or hip. Besides cellulite reduction, accumulated fat around the neck can be removed to enable smooth skin. This innovation can be done to everyone with the cellulite problem whether men or women.



Because cellulite can happen to anyone, if you do not take a good care of yourself, the hope and dream of being good-looking will easily be lost. Apart from using an effective helper, the most important thing is not to forget to change the way you are, so that your good look will remain with you through more decades.


Because skin problems and the whole body’s beauty are important, consult with Sinota Clinic to pull together your beauty identity to be remembered



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