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Miracle of fat cell elimination and lipolysis with SculpSure
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Miracle of fat cell elimination and lipolysis with SculpSure

SculpSure miraculously gets rid of your fat in 25 minutes.




Mrs. International 2016 **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



SculpSure, fat cell elimination with Dr. Kanticha Chimsiri (Mrs. International 2016)**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Miracle of fat cell elimination and lipolysis at the cause


The problem of fatness can happen to anybody, both men and women. Not only does it effect on the health and body, but also the state of mind. Especially, with women who have to face devastating remarks such as “huge arms”, “pool table legs” or even “a pregnant look”, they try every possible way to lose weight, get rid of fat, submit to diet, or do exercises, but in the end all attempts to end localized fatness are in vain. It is not that you are doing it the wrong way, but you are barking up the wrong tree.




SculpSure, removing excess fat on the back wings **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Understanding fatness better


Fatness is due to several causes and factors, but one significant cause is “fat cells” because too many of fat cells, when accumulating in a high quantity, can lead to the problem of localized fatness or localized fat accumulation. These fat cells are the result of the following:




SculpSure **Results vary according to individual skin condition.


SculpSure **Results vary according to individual skin condition.





Eating is a way to increase fat, which are often overlooked by us. Foods that increase fat cells are not always fatty foods; mostly these cells are produced with high-energy foods such as starches because when consuming a lot of starches, the process of amylolysis will occur, changing power into sugar. When sugar is at a high volume, the body will accumilate it in the form of fat or simply called “excess fat”. For fatness from this reason, the body will dissolve fat with difficulty due to too much of excess fat. Helpers will be needed, starting from dieting, doing exercises or other supplementary help.




SculpSure, removing accumulated fat in the forearms within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.


SculpSure, dissolving fat underneath the forearms within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



2.Decrease in metabolism efficiency


For those who have experienced weight loss in a dietary way, most of them have faced this problem. As the body obtains less food, metabolism functions less accordingly. As a result, no matter how little we eat, the weight will not go down. Moreover, fat accumulated in different parts cannot be dissolved. Therefore, the wat of eating must be adjusted along with doing physical exercises in order for the body to improve its metabolism.



3.Genetic background


For those who have genetic obesity, it can be noticed from every family member who is all fat. Eating less or according to the determined quantity, they remain fat and still have the problem of accumulated fat.



4.Health problem


Certain chronic diseases such as thyroids or diabetes usually impact on the body system and mechanisms, which may cause lower body metabolism, possible fat accumulation and body disorders. That is why auto-reduction of fat accumulation is difficult.



From these factors, many are trying so hard to get rid of fat in their own way. Most of them choose to diet and do exercises. A heavy attempt sometimes cannot help to remove this excess fat; some people turn to a short cut that is risky of pain. In some cases, they even risk their life. However, at present, there is a better option to miraculously help dissolve accumulated fat from your body. 




SculpSure, adding six packs and reducing excess fat within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Understanding how to eliminate fat cells


Fat cells are cells that will not die out from our body, no matter how hard we diet or do exercises. The utmost is to minimize them. To see our body more in shape and tighter is because the fat cells have been minimized, but whenever we eat more or exercise less, the numerous fat cells in our body will expand, making us fat as before or even fatter.  So, dieting and exercises are not the way to remove fat cells. There are many ways to dissolve fat cells from the body: some people just choose liposuction once and for all, but eventually other problems follow; for example, wounds, scars, body pain, or in the case where the standard is not met, it may risk your life. At all events, with the new age technology, you do not have to risk your life like that anymore. It is the technology known as “SculpSure”, the latest beam technology for lipolysis or fat elimination, which is the first technology to be able to dissolve and eliminate fat at its origin permanently. It only takes 25 minutes and 24% of fat will be gone wondrously.



Reason to dissolve or eliminate fat cells at their origin


As earlier told, fat cells or body accumulated fat will never die. Despite the attempt to lose weight by exercising and dieting, fat cells only minimize in size, but remains the same in quantity; this is the reason why after all attempts, the love handle around the waistline, excess fat around the thighs and forearms still exist. It is because we did not get rid of them permanently. Therefore, permanent lipolysis must depend on an assisting technology and SculpSure is the technology that can remove fat and eliminate fat cells at their origin, by decreasing the number of fat cells. Once fat is dissolved or fat cells are eliminated from the source, the number of fat cells will no longer increase. So, whenever you are giving up on your dieting or exercising, the minimized fat cells may expand but not increase in number.




SculpSure, decreasing accumulated fat in the abdomen, along with the waistline within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.


SculpSure, decreasing the thigh circumference and dissolving excess fat within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



SculpSure, removing fat and eliminating fat cells at their origin permanently


SculpSure, the best and latest innovation to dissolve fat, is equipped with an effective beam that can eliminate original fat cells, enabling lipolysis in our body with no surgery. Dr. Lawrence Bass, M.D., head of plastic surgeon team who conducted the study the result of eliminating original fat with SculpSure for over a hundred cases to the US FDA, stated that “even though there are a great number of beams that can transmit the energy wave down to the underneath of skin to resolve many problems without burning the skin, there has never been any beam energy or beam innovation that can transmit the energy to destroy fat cells specifically. SculpSure is then considered as the first beam innovation that is able to get in and destroy original fat cells, using the bean at the wavelength of 1,060 nm., which initiates heat at 42-47 degree Celsius on the area of fat cells, resulting in the shock of fat cells and their slow death without damaging adjacent organs. These damaged fat cells will be discharged from the body through excretory channels.  The body will slowly dissolve the damaged fat. After the lipolysis by SculpSure, a first result will be seen in 6 weeks and an obvious result will show after 12 weeks. Each time SculpSure works, 24% of fat cells can be removed”.      




SculpSure, The built-in cooling head keeps you comfortable. **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



25 minutes with SculpSure


However fat, the fat cells can be dissolved like miracle. Only 25 minutes, SculpSure is able to destroy the original fat cells, as well as to dissolve fat at its cell specifically and permanently, without causing any harm to other types of cell. Its efficiency is to eliminate up to 24% of fat cells at only once; and not just in a small spot, it covers a large treated area. We can quickly see the change.  Furthermore, after the fat dissolution with SculpSure, you can continue your life as normally, with no injuries, wounds or any other side effects.




SculpSure, decreasing the abdomen circumference, along with the waistline within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.


SculpSure, decreasing the waist size and dissolving waistline fat within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Advantages of the SculpSure beam to dissolve original fat


1.The beam can destroy fat cells at their origin, resulting in actually dissolving accumulated fat in the body as certified by the US FDA because this type of laser beam is the first among its kind to be able to remove fat up to 24% per time.



2.SculpSure is safe and poses no treatment side effects as it is a non-invasive procedure.



3.It only takes 25 minutes for the beam to dissolve the original fat, which is considered very little time, but being able to dissolve fat to its original cells up to 24%.



4.Fat can be dissolved in 4 areas in only one treatment service, taking only 25 minutes.



5.After the treatment, normal life activities can be resumed without recuperation.



6.During the treatment, you can read or watch TV. Besides, after that, there will be no wound and no pain.



7.The treated area will become smooth and firm owing to the use of heat-energy beam, the heat of which will help smoothen and tighten the skin.




SculpSure, decreasing abdomen accumulated fat within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.


SculpSure, decreasing abdomen accumulated fat along with the abdomen circumference within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



How many times to do the SculpSure treatment to see a result?


This laser procedure to eliminate original fat cells can show its result since the first time as it is the fat dissolution at its origin up to 24% each time. Prior to every SculpSure treatment, a specialist should be consulted to jointly plan a suitable treatment fit to the customer’s objective because fat removal is dependent on problem conditions, readiness and skin condition of each person; based on this difference, planning is very important. Initially, the treatment should be planned and the problem and area to dissolve fat must be notified to the doctor, so that the procedure reaches its utmost efficiency and meets the desired goal.





For whom SculpSure is suitable?


This beam to dissolve fat at the cell level can be applied to any one, particularly to those who have a great volume of accumulated fat and want to dissolve it in a non-invasive manner. Mostly, those with the problem of localized fat are interested in continually planning the fat dissolution. Most customers’ problem is concerned with localized fat such as proberant abdomen, large upper arms, large thighs, etc. And therefore, this non-invasive fat removal highly finds public favor as it causes no worry of having wounds or post-treatment dark traces.



Pre-treatment Preparation


Prior to the fat-dissolving laser treatment, a suitable quantity of water should be drunk. Besides, if the treatment is meant for the abdomen area, it should be carried out after a meal at least 1 hour. This procedure to the abdomen should be restrained during menstruation.




SculpSure, dissolving fat and decrease the thigh circumference within 25 minutes **Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Post-treatment Self Care


After the SculpSure treatment to dissolve fat or eliminate original fat cells, a lot of water should be drunk for the body to stimulate the excretory mechanism as the dissolved fat cells will be discharged through sweat and urine. Also, drinking a lot of water helps prevent body exhaustion.



How does it feel during the SculpSure procedure?


During this procedure being done on the abdomen or other areas to dissolve fat, warmth will be felt, sometimes along with numbness, as the temperature used for the dissolution of original fat cells ranges between 42-47 degree Celsius; thus, the warm feeling on the treated area. The said condition will disappear in a few hours after the procedure. Besides, for those who have never done any exercises at all, they may have pains and aches in the treated area; but not to worry because such state will clear off in a few days.



For whom the original fat dissolution procedure of SculpSure is suitable?


The SculpSure beam is suitable for anyone who wants to be rid of localized fat, which is hard to do: although dieting or exercising, fat is still accumulated in different parts of the body. This causes distraction and unconfidence in wearing clothes or even daily activities. Nowadays, this technology is considered efficient to remove fat that is the source of unease because not only does it cause fat cells to minimize, but SculpSure also kills fat cells and remove them from the body. And you can say goodbye to fat!



How many times is SculpSure to be done?


The number of times for fat dissolution depends on the problem condition and the customer’s need. For each SculpSure procedure, you should consult with a specialist to plan the treatment for fat dissolution from the beginning. However, SculpSure is able to remove fat and destroy original fat cells at the treated spot since the first time; the shape on the treated area will begin to minimize.



When will a result be seen after SculpSure?


The first stage of result for fat removal with SculpSure will be seen within 6 weeks. After that, the body will gradually discharge the damaged fat cells from it; the full result will be seen in 12 weeks.



How long does the result of SculpSure last?


After fat is dissolved and fat cells are destroyed, these fat cells will not be revived as they have been eliminated at their origin. The remainder of fat will be rearranged, causing skin layer setback as the damaged fat is slowly discharged. The fat dissolution result will last for a very long time if the treated person eat healthy foods and have a dietary habit which is suitable and sufficient for daily body’s needs. The case where a customer regains localized fatness or has an increasing amount of fat is possible, but it requires a period of time for the body to produce new fat cells.



Is a recover needed after SculpSure?


After fat dissolution with SculpSure, no recover will be needed. The treated person can resume their normal daily life as there is no pain or wound whatsoever.



The difference between fat dissolution with SculpSure and other methods:


SculpSure offers a resolution to the problem of excess fat or localized fatness; the result of body change can be obviously seen in just one treatment. It is also a convenient way of treatment, only taking 25 minutes to be completed. This matches the lifestyle of today’s people who want to take a good care of themselves but have no enough time to. So, it is good news for those with the problem of excess fat, whether at the abdomen, around the body, at the upper arms or thighs, which cannot be easily reduced. Moreover, the dissolution of original fat by SculpSure causes no wounds; and more importantly your skin will regain its smoothness and tightness, without any bumpy traces like other types of liposuction.



**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



**Results vary according to individual skin condition.


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