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Lock your beauty with Super Lock Thread lift

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.

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Lock your beauty with Super Lock Thread lift

Lock your beauty with Super Lock Thread lift



Body will one day decline; nothing lasts forever. When reaching a suitable time, we should find a way, a help or a shortcut to “lock up” the skin from declining as we age.



Nowadays, the V-face or V-shape trend remains preferable because small and fine face is importance for men and women in terms of socialization and first impression. Both teenage and working ages are looking for help in slowing down the aging process and making the future image observable.



Sinota Clinic recommends the Super Lock Thread Lift to lock up your skin and face from premature declination and flabbiness.



What is Super Lock Thread Lift?

Super Lock Thread Lift is a thread lift principle according to Sinota Clinic’s pattern, as done by specialists, which integrates several types of quality thread to correct clients’ defaults whether to lift the inner skin, restore and strengthen the skin from within as well as to reduce pores and tighten the upper skin, which can help to reduce the saggy skin problem while locking the facial figure from fading in time, without any danger as Super Lock Thread Lift is of high safety.



About 6 months after Super Lock Thread Lift, the body will gradually produce substitute collagen that renders the face firm and ample. The skin treated with Super Lock Thread Lift will be more elevated, restoring the flabby and loose skin back to firm and glowing skin while all wrinkly lines clearly decrease. Besides, the skin to which Super Lock Thread lift has been done will experience better blood circulation, with an additional outcome of better metabolism, which also contributes to better and healthier skin.



To what areas can Super Lock Thread lift be done?

Super Lock Thread lift can be done to several areas whether on the face to enable the v-shape pattern, the neck to reduce the saggy skin underneath the chin, or around the eye to reduce the crow’s-feet and wrinkly lines.


1.Super Lock Thread lift  to provide a slim face

Thread lifting for V Shape or V Face is to lift and tighten up the saggy face as the threads will elevate and hold back the flabby skin. In this respect, the doctor will evaluate the suitability in order to provide proportionate beauty and rectify the saggy skin problem.



Super Lock Thread Lift

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



2.Super Lock Thread lift to correct or reduce the saggy skin underneath the chin

As some people may have accumulated fat around the neck or underneath the chin due to daily life activities, eating, and genetic background in which some have quite a lot of neck skin or short neck, thread lifting to correct these problems will function very well to lift and tighten up the skin in such area as the said problems can cause you to look inelegant when dressed up.


3.Super Lock Thread lift to reduce crow’s-feet lines

Thread lifting to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes, aka crow’s-fee lines, which many have due to stress that causes premature lines or the problem of having more skin volume around the eye. When you feel stressed, or feel emotions that show on the face, wrinkly lines will easily appear. Thread lifting to reduce the wrinkles around the eyes or the crow’s-fee lines can be a good answer but it should only be done by a specialist.



Super Lock Thread lift should only be done by a specialist

Thread lifting in whatever area should be carried out by a specialist in thread lifting only because it is considered as a science of beauty that relies on an art to help analyze the suitability as well as on expertise or experiences. The doctor will assess on the quantity of threads and the area to be threaded in order to correct client’s worrying problem. So, if the doctor lacks such skill, thread lifting will not achieve the expected goal.


Super Lock Thread Lift has a variety of direct and indirect advantages that can be summed up as follows:



Super Lock Thread Lift

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Direct result of Super Lock  Thread lift

1.Reduces the flabbiness problem on the skin treated with Super Lock Thread Lift;

2.Corrects wrinkles and slows down new lines on the area treated with Super Lock Thread Lift;

3.Renders the skin firm, ample and glowing;

4.Readjusts the facial figure, correct the defect and provides more dimensions to the face; 

5.Activates collagen production, so that it functions normally and does not regress prematurely, which is an important cause to lock up the skin from declining;

6.Lifts and tightens up the skin;

7.Tightens up skin pores and restores the outer skin.



Indirect result of Super Lock  Thread lift

1.Thread lift enables better blood and lymph circulation owing to the reaction within the external skin structure;

2.It helps the body to better produce metabolism, which primarily synthesizes and dissolves large-molecule energy; however, when the body is able to better synthesize and dissolve energy, it will result in healthier skin. We can call it beauty from the inside.



Self-preparation prior to Super Lock Thread lift

Prior to each thread lifting procedure, the following self-preparation is advised in order to get a distinct result, whatever skin area it will be:


1.Rest sufficiently

Before thread lifting, enough resting is required for the procedure to be responded well.


2.Avoid taking any thrombolytic drugs or vitamins

Because thread lifting may cause small bleeding in certain spot during the procedure; thrombolytic drugs or vitamins will cause more bleeding.


3.Refrain from all kinds of procedure

As certain procedures such as skin spa or scrubbing will cause the skin to be thinner; this is not good for thread lifting if such procedures are done too often.



Self-care after Super Lock Thread lift

1.Avoid exposure to extreme sunlight or being in a high temperature as it effects on the efficiency of thread lifting; heat causes the threads to more quickly revert.

2. Refrain from taking thrombolytic drugs or vitamins just as before having thread lifting for at least 2 weeks.

3. Refrain from having medical procedures that cause the skin to store heat as it causes the threads to quickly degenerate; for example steam, sauna or certain types of laser treatment.

4. It is recommended to lying on your back while resting or sleeping as lying on the side or on the stomach may cause the pressure on the thread lifted area.

5. Avoid swimming or letting the thread lifted skin be in contact or soak with water for a long time because thread lifting engenders open wounds on the skin, which risks of infection. Even though the wounds are very tiny and cannot be seen with naked eyes, dirt and germs in water can easily enter the skin.

6. It is advised to take all the medication prescribed by the doctor. After the thread lifting procedure, the doctor will administer anti-inflammatory and pain killers based on individual skin condition. Therefore, they should be taken continually as suggested by the doctor.

7.In case of any abnormality, see the doctor immediately.



Super Lock Thread Lift

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Top ten questions from those who want to have Super Lock Thread lift

Clients always inquire about this procedure; so, in order to give primary answers, Sinota Clinic has compiled top questions about thread lifting as follows:


1.Does thread lifting hurt?

Answer: At Sinota Clinic, we have local anesthetic that eases pain very well; clients can be relieved from all worries about pain during the procedure.


2.Is thread lifting dangerous?

Answer: Thread lifting is not as dangerous as you think if it is done by a specialist.


3.How often should thread lifting be done?

Answer: Normally, thread lifting will remain in effect for about 1-2 years, but in some cases with much flabbiness and aging problem, thread lifting may need to be done more often, averagely every 6-8 months depending on the skin condition and problem as well as the doctor’s thread lifting skill.


4.For what age is thread lifting suitable?

Answer: the age range that is suitable for thread lifting is at the 30’s or the number with 3++ because this is the period where declination and degeneration begin. To slow down and correct the problem promptly, early self-care will take you away from all worries.


5.Is thread lifting for all genders?

Answer: Yes, thread lifting is for all genders, both men and women. This is a question mostly asked by men who, after having seen their girlfriend’s thread lifting and obvious facial change, also want to have thread lifting to correct some of their skin problems.


6.After thread lifting, can we wash the face normally?

Answer: After thread lifting, contact with water or face-washing should be avoided for at least 24 hours.


7.After thread lifting, can we put on makeup normally?

Answer: After thread lifting, you should refrain from putting on makeup for at least 24
hours just as refraining from face-washing or water contacting. After 24 hours, in the first 3 days, heavy makeup or thick foundation is not recommended because thread lifting has opened up the upper skin. So, to prevent infection, mild and easily washed cosmetics should be applied.


8.Is swelling after thread lifting normal?

Answer: Swelling or bruises after thread lifting are normal conditions because the body has received threads in the skin layer and thus reacted to it; for example, swelling, redness or bruises, which are considered normal and will disappear within 7 days. But if you have excessive swelling or bruises, please consult with your doctor at once.


9.When will the result be seen?

Answer: Thread lifting will show its result after 1 month as the threads will help tighten and lift up the skin and restore more effective collagen function.


10.What food should be avoided after thread lifting?

Answer: After thread lifting, unhealthy food should be avoided, including all kinds of fermented food and alcohol beverages because these may cause more swelling or itch to the thread lifted area.


Because skin problems and the whole body’s beauty are important, consult with Sinota Clinic to pull together your beauty identity to be remembered



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