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Chelation Therapy Detoxing and maintaining health

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.

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Chelation Therapy Detoxing and maintaining health

Chelation Therapy Detoxing and maintaining health for wellbeing from now on to the future



Are we willing to work hard to save money for health care when we are old? At that point, the effort we’ve made all our life for happiness in the final moment would be in vain. That is why many have changed their mind and begun to take care of their health earlier, whether by eating clean food, doing exercises, or going to the fitness center. It can be said that this is really an era of health concerns. Yet, no matter how much change we’ve made to take care of ourselves, we can’t deny that the external environment still keep ruining our health, be it pollution, dust, or even stress condition and pressing urban life, as well as unaware food contamination. These factors essentially lead to the production of body’s free radical, which is poisonous substance that destroys cells and eventually causes diseases to our well taken care body. So, to maintain a good health from now on to the future, apart from living properly, detoxing is one way to help achieve wellbeing when we get old. And although there are many ways of detoxing, one of the most effective is the Chelation Therapy. Owing to its shorter time and better safety, Chelation Therapy is preferable to take care of your health.




**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Chelation Therapy, detoxing and decreasing the risk of diseases.

In the time when everyone is facing a variety of pollutions everywhere, as a result, our body unconsciously receives toxins from the surrounding. Once they are accumulated, the body will produce free radicals effecting on the body’s working systems, leading to health problems. There are many toxins that cause such problems, as follows:


1.Toxic chemicals, which include food additives (color, flavor and taste), monosodium glutamate, and cosmetics such as shampoo, hair dyes, lipstick, nail polish, or even conventional medicine. These toxins are obtained by the way of mouth, head, and skin and through capillary blood vessels to be stored in the liver;


2.Heavy metal poisoning such as vehicle smoke, industrial smoke, insecticide, lead, and heavy metals. If these kinds of toxin are accumulated in a great amount, it may cause brain syndromes;


3.Toxic formalin including frozen seafood, over-crisp vegetables and fruits, food and beverage recipients, and bags for hot food for instance.



From the above information, we can see that no matter how hard we try to live a good life, unexpectedly toxins are still stored in our body in the form of heavy metals aggregating on the arterial wall, which causes the process of arterial inflammation and results in free radicals that will eventually alter and damage significant body’s cells and enzymes. When such process is left unattended, abnormal mitotic figures will be caused along with the decrease of organ nutrition process. It will also result in the degeneration of numerous cells in a rapid rate, thus, the risk of arterial diseases. As such, the concept of eliminating body’s accumulated toxins and heavy metals has been originated; and for its utmost efficiency, an effective procedure such as the Chelation Therapy has become a good choice to clean up the blood vessels that used to be filled with toxic substances and heavy metals and enable them to work properly, plus to reduce the risk of consequential serious diseases. Not only does the Chelation Therapy help to postpone diseases, but it also helps to slow down the aging process.




**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Understanding the Chelation Therapy

The Chelation Therapy is the use of chelating agents (chelators) to remove heavy metals, which are poisonous substances accumulated in body’s parts, particularly in the blood vessels. After the Chelation Therapy is administered, the chelators will “grab” the heavy metals which will be turned into soluble substances. Once these substances are dissolved in a fluid, the body will be able to remove them through the kidney as a normal process. Besides, not only does the Chelation Therapy eliminate toxins from the body, but it also helps to reduce the production of free radicals, to heal the arterial inflammation and to render the arterial wall more flexible and expansive, resulting in better blood circulation. Incidentally, in order to understand the process of Chelation Therapy in a simplified manner, try to imagine a blood vessel as a tube: with the passing of time, this tube becomes worn out, not as flexible as it used to be, and meanwhile a great deal of residues are generated and stuck to the tube wall, which is compared to heavy metals being both good and bad altogether. Whenever these metals are found in an inappropriate spot, they will block the water flow and cause a bad circulation. This “water” here is like the blood in the body. Therefore, the Chelation Therapy functions as cleaning of the tube or the blood vessel, keeping it as good as new. Such therapy prevents our blood vessels from being fastened with heavy metals and then enables the efficiency of the blood flow throughout the body. Consequently, the chance of diseases decreases. That is why the Chelation Therapy is much preferable among physicians, thanks to its high safety. Having been used since the WWI, physicians at the time used the Chelation Therapy to treat those poisoned with arsenic; it helped to eliminate the toxin very well. From then on, the medical profession has all along chosen the Chelation Therapy as a method of treatment as it was switched to apply to diseases caused by excessive accumulation of iron or heavy metals such as mercury, lead, etc. With its non-stop development, the Chelation Therapy nowadays, apart from maintaining health in the proper function and keeping the body away from serious diseases, helps to stay off aging.



Chelators in the Chelation Therapy:

A significant variant to eliminate heavy metals and refresh the body’s function

For the Chelation Therapy, the term “chelation” is derived from “chele” meaning a claw of a crab, which implies a strong, pincher-like grasping of organic substances with the metallic molecules being cations. This is the origin of the substance used to grab and remove heavy metals to be known as “chelator”. Chelators used for the Chelation Therapy today are in many types, whether natural substances such as D-Penicillamine or synthetic substances such as Dimercapto-Propane-Sulphonic Acid (DMSA), Deferoxamine (DFO). At present, chelators have been improved for the Chelation Therapy with their high safety and wide range of usage, but the most widespread usage is for the Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid or EDTA.



The EDTA Chelation is concerned with the long-chain synthetic amino acid, which is not absorbed into the cells and only 5% of the entire amount received can be absorbed through the alimentary system. Besides, the EDTA used in the Chelation Therapy will be released from the body through urine as it grabs onto and takes out the molecules of heavy metals. As the EDTA molecules cause no harm to the body, the most efficient and beneficial way to administer the EDTA is through the veins.



Treatment process for the Chelation Therapy

The treatment process for the Chelation Therapy presents no difficulty and does not take long. Its procedure is to dispense the fluid mixed with the EDTA and different kinds of vitamin into the veins for the period of about -1.53 hours depending on the fluid dissolution. The factors that affect on the period of dispensing the solution include the amount of EDTA used in the Chelation Therapy, the patient’s response to the previous Chelation Therapy, and the attending physician’s discretion. During the Chelation Therapy, while the solution is being supplied through the veins, you can rest, watch the TV, listen to music or read normally. After the therapy, you can resume your normal daily life.




**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Advantages of detoxing blood vessels with the Chelation Therapy


The Chelation Therapy helps to effectively eliminate calcium and heavy metal residues within the blood vessels, therefore improving the blood circulation system and reduce the risk of blood vessel clot and constriction, which are the main cause of hypertension and ischemic heart disease. The Chelation Therapy also helps to prevent diseases of degeneration as caused by a bad blood circulation system.


The Chelation Therapy helps to suppress the function of certain enzymes such as the lipid peroxidation enzyme system, decreasing the risk of cancer.


The Chelation Therapy helps to reduce the causes of premature lines and to brighten up the skin.


The Chelation Therapy enables a better blood flow; and the fact that blood flows better also improves the function of endocrine glands, in particular the thyroid gland. The hormone production is augmented, rendering the body strong and fresh.


The Chelation Therapy reduces skin inflammation as well as the amount of free radical production, which is the cause of premature aging.



For whom is the Chelation Therapy suitable?

The Chelation Therapy is suitable for everyone, especially the following:


Those with the problem of accumulated toxins and heavy metals in the body;


Those with the risk of blood vessel clot; for instance, hyperlipidemia;


Those with high level of free radicals; for example, smokers or their contacts, regular drinkers of coffee and tea;


Those with weak body and blood flow deficiency; for example, easy vertigo;


Those with hypertension due to inflexible blood vessels;


Those with normal health, who need to keep the blood vessel condition away from obstruction or to eliminate body’s accumulated heavy metals.



When does the body require the Chelation Therapy?

The Chelation Therapy is suitable for people who have residual toxins in the body; nevertheless, whenever these toxins are over-accumulated, harmful effects will follow. It is then recommended to cleanse out the toxins as fast as possible. Those with high amount of accumulated toxins are likely to show the following clear indications:


Frequent headache; in some cases, the headache may be accompanied with nausea, dizziness, vomit and a persistent mild fever;


Feeling weak, tired, unable to concentrate, and having weaken remembrance;   


Having body pains and aches, joint and bone pains, as well as rheumatoid;


Having nerve tension, weak body and sexual dysfunction;


Getting tired easily, having bad breath, sore-mouth, and strong body odor;


Having a poor appetite, bloating, flatulent, burping, and frequent passing gas;


Absorbing much carbs and low metabolism, which causes body fatness;


Unable to excrete and dissolve toxic substances, which is the cause of facial pimples and blemishes;


Having chronic constipation, difficulty or inability of excretion;


Having chronic skin disease, body rashes, frequent wound and abscess;


Having asthma, allergy and hives easily.



Contradictions for the Chelation Therapy

The Chelation Therapy is prohibited to the following people:


Those with severe allergy to the EDTA;


Those with stage 4-5 chronic renal failure, except for the case of renal dialysis;


Those with acute lead encephalopathy;


Those with the background of total thyroidectomy or hyperparathyroidism.



Cautions for the Chelation Therapy

To be treated with the Chelation Therapy, despite its high safety, it is not for everybody; and in the case that you can be serviced with it, much caution must be taken for those with the following conditions:


Pregnant women;


Liver dysfunction;


Renal dysfunction;


Heart failure, or limited quantity of water;


Uncontrolled blood pressure;


G-6-PD deficiency;





Pre-Chelation Therapy Preparation

For utmost efficiency of the Chelation Therapy, each time you should work up and get ready according to the following suggestions:


Prior to having the Chelation Therapy, the physician will conduct a basic physical assessment with detailed physical examination and blood check to see the kidney function level and the electrolytic levels in the blood flow;


To carry out the Chelation Therapy, before and after the first EDTA injection, a urine sample will be collected from the patient in order to check essential minerals and find out the level of toxic heavy metals instantly because this is an indication for the current amount of toxic minerals and heavy metals in the blood flow;


For anyone to have the Chelation Therapy, it is recommended not to eat any food or supplementary with minerals for at least 24 hours prior to the basic physical assessment, and to refrain from such food until the taking of urine sample for a complete test.



Post-Chelation Therapy Self Care


A lot of water should be taken after the Chelation Therapy; a simple rule is to drink 1 ounce of water per 1 kilogram of bodyweight;


Refrain from drinking alcohols during and after the Chelation Therapy;


Refrain from smoking after the Chelation Therapy as it reduces the efficiency of EDTA treatment.



Adverse Effects from the Chelation Therapy

After having been treated with the Chelation Therapy, certain adverse effects may be present, depending on each individual case. At all events, it will not take long for such effects to disappear. In general, the following conditions may occur:




Low blood calcium level;


Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level);


Fatigue for the period of 24-48 hours after only one session of Chelation Therapy, which is caused by the fact that the body requires energy to eliminate toxins and heavy metals, but the energy obtained from the metabolism process is insufficient; thus the condition of fatigue or weakness;


Skin rashes;


Phlebitis (vein inflammation);


Nausea and vomit;


A decrease of blood pressure level due to the blood vessel diastole; or in some cases, an increase of blood pressure level is possible.


Drug allergy, which is rare to find people allergic to the EDTA; mostly, the allergy is to other compositions added into the solution.


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