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Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.

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Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser

Pore Refining Laser: How to minimize large pores?


Large pores are a worrying problem for most people, commonly found in individuals having oily skin. This problem is usually caused by overactive sebaceous (oil) glands. As a result, the excess sebum extends up to the upper skin layer, causing a glossy look and unusually enlarged pores and leading up to the problem of comedones and inflammatory acnes.



Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.


Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser

**Results vary according to individual skin condition.



Other factors that contribute to enlarged pores may include the following:



Aging causes a variety of skin problems including large pores as another problem which is affected by an age-related factor. As we age, skin aging also accelerates; previously tight pores will stretch out due to skin degeneration caused by time.     



Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser



2.Loss of Collagen and Elastin

The loss of collagen and elastin in the skin is a factor that causes skin degeneration because collagen is the major component of skin. If a great amount of collagen is lost, the skin will become loose and flabby, resulting in large pores, not as tight as before.



3.Hormone Imbalance

The problem of hormone imbalance brings about dull skin, enlarged pores and subsequently wrinkle issues. Besides, if certain hormone is over-produced, it may cause acne problems and perhaps an over-oily skin that leads to non-inflammatory acnes and large pores inducing rough skin. Hormone imbalance is then another factor of large pores.




The male sex is more commonly found with oily skin and large pores than the female. The problem of large pores in women may be found affected by hormones and menstruation.




Sunlight contains both UVA and UVB rays. The UVA rays are potentially harmful to collagen under the dermis layer. Regular and long exposure to sunlight causes damage to skin collagen and elastin, followed by dry and rough skin, more enlarged pores and premature wrinkles.



Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser



6.Skin Condition

The skin condition is found to be a key factor for large pores as people with oily skin or T-Zone skin problems tend to be troubled with large pores rather than normal-skinned people.



Areas Commonly Found with Large Pores

Large pores or unusually enlarged pores are commonly found on 2 facial areas including the cheek and nose areas. In some people, the problem may occur on the forehead and chin; in men, it can be found on the chest, arms, wrists and so on. This problem of large pores can however be solved with Pore Refining Laser.



Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser



Function of Skin Pores

Although the skin pores seem small in size, they are as important as other organs.


1.Skin pores function to release the body heat. If the body temperature rises, whether due to a physical exercise or other daily-life activities, heat will be discharged from the body through sweating in order for the body temperature to decrease.


2.The pores maintain the skin’s moisture. The hair follicles within the skin (pores) produce oil to help keep the skin moisturized. If excess oil is produced, it will cause the problem of large pores.


3.Feelings can be expressed through skin pores. Feelings such as shock, fright or cold are expressed through skin pores as small muscles at the follicle area activate and result in the bristling of hairs.



How can the problem be treated?

The problem of large pores, if no attention is paid to it, may be thought insignificant, but for young women it poses a big problem as inflammatory acnes and blackheads will follow. If the pores become large, excess oil will be produced, along with an excessively oily face. Moreover, enlarges pores have a big impact on women’s makeup because a thick foundation will be needed to give full coverage for the pores. In this case, if you are not a professional in makeup, your face will look as thick as a cake layer, neither beautiful nor natural. Consequently, we should learn to correct the problem of large pores as follows:



Minimize Large Pores with Pore Refining Laser



1.Use of external medication: This refers to the use of external medication in the vitamin A acid group because the vitamin A acts to reduce the sebaceous gland activity, accelerate exfoliation and stimulate collagen production. It can, as a result, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize pores. However, the treatment takes many months and a caution must be made for the application of the vitamin A medication induces skin sensitivity to sunlight, which is the source of potential blemishes and freckles. This type of substance should only be used under a dermatologist's supervision.


2.Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) exfoliation: The use of Alpha-Hydroxy and Polyhydroxy acids (AHA and PHA) helps to enhance stratum corneum exfoliation, thicken up the skin and reduce dark spots and large pores. The product to be chosen must be formulated with active PH. After using the AHA exfoliation, sunscreen should be applied regularly. An outdoor sport should be avoided. However, For the use of the AHA with over 10% concentration to treat large pores, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor first because the skin condition should be primarily analyzed.


3.Pore-minimizing laser treatment: A laser treatment is considered the best way to treat and tighten enlarged pores. It can be classed into the following 2 types:


Non-ablative laser: this type of laser causes no damage to the skin surface. It is targeted to the dermal tissues, enabling collagen production, minimizing pores and decreasing facial lines and wrinkles as well as pigment lesions. As a result, the face looks brighter and the skin finer. Pore Refining Laser is able to take care of the pore problem properly.


Ablative laser: this type is a heat-emitting laser. The released intense heat functions to repair a small spot of skin from the stratum corneum layer to the dermis layer; and approximately 3-4 days afterwards, collagen will be produced and large pores will be minimized.


4.Radio wave treatment: Thermal radio wave, such as Thermo Beam, is applied to the treatment for large pores. Apart from dissolving facial fat, Thermo Beam can also transmit the hear energy into the dermis layer and thus enable collagen production. It is a good way of minimizing pores.


5.Pore minimizing toner: Certain types of toner are formulated with active ingredients that temporarily minimize large pores, which will be restored afterwards. This method of treating large pores only provides impermanent results.


6.Pore minimizing treatment: Oxygen Peel is a new form of treatment innovation invented to replace microdermabrasion. It helps exfoliate the upper layer of skin in order to reduce enlarged pores, eliminate dirt and stimulate the circulation of lymph nodes, resulting in a healthier, fresher and brighter skin. The Oxygen Peel treatment causes no inflammation, rashes and facial burning pain. After the provided service, you will feel at ease and revitalized as the skin pores are obviously tightened up.



How can Pore Refining Laser solve the problem of large pores?

Pore Refining Laser is able to fix the problem of large pores and minimizing them, using the laser energy to activate the collagen and elastin function under the skin layer. Once the skin is energized with the laser at the appropriate stimulating dose, more collagen and elastin will be produced by the skin, followed by tightened and smoother skin with smaller pores.



Pre-treatment Preparation for Pore Refining Laser

To prepare for the treatment of Pore Refining Laser to minimize the skin pores, strong sunlight should be avoided in order to maintain the normal skin condition, and it is recommended to first consult with a specialist to analyze the problem of pore condition and the area to be treated prior to any service because of the difference in individuals’ pores.



Post-treatment Self Care

After having received the treatment of Pore Refining Laser, exposure to sunlight should be avoided for about 2-3 days.



The problem of large pores for each individual varies in size, based on the aforementioned factors. Each type of treatment also has different pros and cons as it depends on the patient’s need. To treat large pores, it takes time and continuity until the result shows. The use of certain cosmetics cannot help reduce the problem; the patient must choose a suitable product or seek advice from an expert doctor for the most effective treatment result.


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